Macbook drawing area blurry

Hi, Im newbie for this software.
I got Windows laptop and macbook pro. Im trying lightburn on both machines.
Windows laptop shows drawings very crisp but macbook shows very blurry.
Macbook ui also very crisp but drawing area and laser table dimensions looking blurry.

any idea?

Not really. I use a MacBookPro every day, all day (and some nights and weekends :wink: ) and have not seen what you are. Please provide a screen capture showing what you are talking about.

antialiasing on and off

I have LCD smoothing when available turned ON on my system. I am sorry, but what am I seeing here? I do not detect a difference in these images other than name and file size.

Oh these both from macbook display. Antialaising on and off. I think drawing area have some scaling issues. I see table dimensions pixelated. Drawings also pixelated.

The drawing area on the MacBook is scaled on Retina displays for speed. It’s nearly imperceptible with antialiasing on. It’s actually a default of the framework we use, and I didn’t notice it for a long time.

Yes I set my display resolution native 2560x1600 its super crisp. But Im using normally 1680x1050 scale and not good for LightBurn, it is noticeable. Ty for info))

I have actually tried running the display at native resolution, but things get quite slow. I could add a setting for this, though you’re likely better off just running native resolution.

I shot with phone camera.
Display at 1280x800 pixel so double the native res. It must be black double pixel lines . But look this with zoom numbers and the line you will see Blue red yellow pixels. I think it have problems with scales.
Actually we dont need native res but scales working bad and tiring eyes for me. You can work for scaling problem for better view for us.

I really loved this software but Its so sad.

If its not hard to do, please, at least add a settings for native resolution for all Macs displays. I tried 2560x1600 with all drawing area full, its still okay for iris 645.
Maybe you can add a settings more for small screens, double the line thickness for native resolution.

I could have a setting for native resolution for Mac easily enough. Display scaling is always clumsy, regardless of platform - It causes problems on Windows and Linux for us as well.

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