Macbook pro i9 catalina 10.15.7, will Aufero Laser 1 Lu2-4-sf experience hiccups?

hi there

I do not yet own the machine; it is a planned buy for casual hobby use as my first foray into lasering. Avoiding Big Sur studiously. my mbp also has 64gigs of ram because overkill is more better. :grin:

I have viewed most every topical thread showing solutions to common not connected correctly problems.

Will I have a smooth experience with these two pieces of hardware under LightBurn?

thanks in advance

I don’t think a smooth experience can be guaranteed but there’s no reason why your setup shouldn’t work. It doesn’t take much hardware to drive a laser and LightBurn itself has relatively modest hardware requirements. The laser module itself is almost irrelevant because LightBurn only communicates to the controllers, not the laser module.

I assume your Mac has no USB-A ports. How will you be connecting the computer to the laser?

One of the most common issues with Macs is just not being able to connect. Another is getting the application installed, or rather open. LightBurn is not notarized and so requires you to explicitly allow the program to open. This is explained in the installation instructions.

The only well known issue with no good solution for Mac that I’m aware of is the situation of Macs trying to connect with Ruida controllers. However, this has not been an issue with other controllers.

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