Machine Always and No Matter What That We Are Out Of Bounds

Hello we have been using Lightburn for a little over a year now with our Ortur Laser Master 3 . . . and no matter what we do it is telling us that our engrave/burn is out of bounds. We always manually position the laser head where we would like it to begin from.

Click Yes, and the file will not begin. If change the Start position to Absolute coordinates the machine will begin, the laser will begin to engrave but not from our intended start position. We stop the machine, reposition the laser to our start point and reset the Start position to Current coordinates/position and then it will then start fine or again tell us we are out of bounds but this time if we click ok it will run fine.

Can anyone please help us finally resolve this issue since are taking up valuable time repositioning and restarting the machine.

Again, this happens with every file that we use and every time we use the laser

Thank you.

This is likely the entire problem. If you manually move the laser head (as in, by hand) the controller has no idea where it is any more.

If you move the laser using the jog buttons or the Click to Position tool, the laser knows where it is and you shouldn’t have an issue.

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Here is a collection of knowledge about the different positioning modes (including the LightBurn videos on this topic):

Thank you. This is extremely helpful.

Thank you.

I had this issue as well but on a different machine. I found that if I first selected “Home”, of course the laser head would reposition to the home position. Then changed the selector to User Position, then manually move it, as in by hand, yes, move it with the move buttons too, then touch the start, it would work. Once it did not giving me the possible out of bounds message, when I found that I actually had a tiny cut point outside of the work area. To check for that, right click on each of your cut/burn layer colors in the right setup box. If anything is out there, it’ll show for that layer.

@LightBurn explained why this is not a good idea. No manual moves should be done with the power on.

I accept that. It might be that the controller in my machine is more forgiving. I tend to think there’s no commands sent to my machine’s controller therefore the servo motors are not turned on at the instant. I could be wrong.