Machine exceeds maximum range

please help, I assembled my ikier k1 pro. started doing a speed check, autofocus did everything ok, pressed the frame button and got an error and wrote : machine exceeds maximum range of motion

Did you follow somebodies instructions on setting up the machine?

Lightburn has a grbl setup page in the documentation.

Both the machine and Lightburn need to know certain things about the machine in order to work together.

Has it run properly before?


I make the settings according to the manual that was included. but I can’t complete it completely because when the laser head touches the trigger connectors the machine enters the error that I wrote. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, I’ve never used a laser machine) I think the problem with the triggers maybe . The problem is with the laser and not with the program. I managed to engrave through a computer, but when I move the laser head through the laser monitor while head connecting to the connectors, the same error appears

No need to post the same photo again…

Does it perform a home operation when powered up? A home operation moves the head to a specific corner, where there are switches that tell the machine it’s homed. This is how it knows where it is.

Are you starting the frame from the machines console?


excuse my brain fart with photo, I thought I was sending something else😂 no it doesn’t perform a home operation when powered up, it just stands still. when selecting frame on the machine console the same error appears

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