Machine grinds against rails

My machine doesn’t stop at the top right corner (where the sensors are) and the laser head grinds against the railing. If I go to the left or bottom, this doesn’t happen. My controller is reading the X and y as 10000mm even though it is at 0 and 0. I’m unsure what happened, it was running perfect last night and today I’ve got this issue.

Anyone know what the issue might be? The only thing I’ve done differently between yesterday and today is upgrading and purchasing the Lightburn software

This is not a software issue, it’s your laser failing to find the homing switches. The 10000’s mean it wasn’t able to home itself.

Is it possible that you bumped one of the homing sensors, or they aren’t properly connected to the controller?

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Nope, didn’t bump into them. I haven’t checked whether or not they are properly connected but I haven’t opened up the compartment to check.

I’ve tried resetting the axis through the Ruida controller and I can reset the Y to 0 which stops the Y axis from colliding, but the X isn’t working. Also, when I turn the machine off and back on, the Y is back to 10,000 anyway…

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I did that and reset the axis and it worked…until I restarted my machine and it was back to square one. Any idea?

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