Machine keeps shutting down before finished

i hope you can help my machine keeps stopping before project is finished, no matter if its glass, wood, canvas, i am wasting a lot which i can’t afford, it stops then goes to top of bed instead where i started the project . i changed it from a nano board about 2 months ago was working find with the 3d cohesion smoothware board and lightburn , now for last week it start doing this, my pc is for the machine is not on net so it not picking up any updates . Could this be the problem ? its a 60 w yellow chineeze

This information is a bit confusing, so let’s start with what you actually have installed and driving this laser. You mention a Nano, the C3D controller, and your profile says you are using a Trocen / AWC controller. Which are you currently using?

What type of job are you trying to cut? Image scan, vector fill, Line cut? What are your settings for this job?

sorry start over i now have a 6040 laser it came with nano board. i wanted to be able to use lightburn not k40 whisper software, so i bought a 3d cohesion ( smoothie ware ) board, we installed the new board it came with the license key for the 40 dollar lightburn which was installed on it. i had trocen machine lasted a week had to send it back went nuts but after i bought the 80 dollar lightburn for it… i have different settings for different materials, files . as i said it won’t finished the project gets half way done it thinks its finished stops goes back to upper middle of table . i don’t cut any wood on it , mostly engrave and cut files , vector and raster images. Was working great until now.

windows 10 is run on the pc,

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