“Machine may be busy or paused” error message


I cannot get my Jiccoda Laser Engraver to actually cut anything. I finally got it to connect to the computer and show up as a device. Now when I try and send something to cut I get an error message saying “there was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused”

Please help. I’ve spent hours trying to resolve this.

Is there any additional information displayed in the Console area of LightBurn? Typically the error occurs when there’s either the wrong port selected, a faulty USB connection (remove any USB extenders or hubs, if possible) or when another laser software is maintaining control of the laser.

I have tried it in all 5 ports and no luck at all

Is there an alternative USB cable you could try? LightBurn isn’t able to make the basic connection to the laser based upon the reports in the Console.

If you select the port (beside the ‘Devices’ button) what are the options there?

https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ is helpful.

I got it to finally work. Thank you!

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Now I am just having the issue of it moving and acting like it is engraving but nothing actually happens and it doesn’t do anything to the material.

Movement is great! Is the blue coloured laser light shining? If so, you’re most likely just out of focus. The manual that came with your laser should give you instructions on how to do this, if needed.

If you’re not getting any laser light, it could be because your laser’s power is set far too low, or there may be a wiring issue that’s preventing power from getting to the diode.

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