Machine Position after Homing

I have a CNC Machine that I have attached a Laser to for some Etching. Currently I Homes to the Front Right Corner.
After Homing on the Move Tab Get Position Reports X= -10 Y= -760 Z = -10
If I try to move to X 0.0 y 0.0 nothing happens. If I jog then Move to x 0.0 Y 0.0 returns to the Home position. I suspect my OpenBuilds Black Box config has an offset configured somehow. When I use that software to router projects I always probe the work piece and set the origin to that.

Here is the $# output. How do I reset the G54 This seems to be my issue.

Origin is set to the front Left corner of my machine and incremental Moves prove this to be the correct spot. Left jog (Y) number gets smaller (Currently more Negative). Away Jog (X) gets larger. (Less Negative)

For your setup, this document is worth review. In particular, this section, which covers CNC systems that use Negative Coordinates: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

That looks like it will do it. Burning now but when in done I’ll report back.


Thanks for the direction. I have found alot of great topics in that Wiki.

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