Machine protected and Water error

I was changing settings in my machine settings trying to get my limit switches working. I succeeded in getting the laser to stop working. I now have most everything working and moving in the right directions.

The only problem now is if I enable water protect in Vendor settings I get Water error work paused on the controller LCD screen. If I enable door protect in vendor settings I get Machine protected work paused on the LCD screen. I just checked and I had an older version of LightBurn running. I updated to 9,19 and I am still getting the errors.

Obvious question, but do you have water-protect and door-protect switches?

Yes, I do, and it was working before I started making changes. My chiller is running, if I pinch the hose the internal alarm will go off.

Sounds like you have a wiring problem, then. Since 2 sensors are having the same problem, you’ve probably lost something on the 24V rail, not the individual connections to the controller.

I am not even sure where to start to look for something like this. I kind of doubt it could be wiring the only thing I have done is change some limit enable switches in the machine settings.

Ruida controller?

I don’t think so, but maybe.

Just to make sure:

  • You have both water-protect and door-protect switches
  • The switches were working before (not the chiller alarm, on the laser)
  • You changed settings, but no mechanical changes, and now the controller is complaining about door and water protect.

Based on the description, it’s either the laser doesn’t have the protect switches, or something coincidental happened with your wiring.

Can you post a screen shot of your machine settings? Maybe someone will spot a problem.

Like I said everything worked prior to me changing some settings in the config, now I am having these issues.
Later tonight I will turn off the door protection and see what happens.

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