Machine running too fast. (Totem S)

I have a Totem S. Windows 10 PC
Before when I framed an object, the laser head ran at a slow pace. now it goes real fast. when I try to burn a previous project that I have burned many times, it now travels so fast and weakly it does not burn at all. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the program and I get the same result. I am using the GRBL controller. It started after Microsoft did an update but I don’t know if it is related.


Les Price

one of the strange settings that’s often overlooked is the units.
mm/minute is better for laser diodes. confirm this first.

If it’s not this, the next step is to open the Console window in LightBurn and type the following:
then press enter. Copy and paste that report into a reply here if you’re still moving too fast.