machine settings are cleared

I change “machine settings” in Lightburn but after I turn it off these settings are deleted. it is difficult to make this setting again in every attempt. Can’t it be opened with these changes as soon as you open the program? For example, I change $32=0 to $32=1 from “machine settings”, but when I close the file, this setting is deleted. If I open an empty file or open a new file, I have to change the settings again. (atomstack a5 pro, win 10, lightburn 1.0.06)

The changes you’re making are GRBL configuration settings and should actually be saving into memory on the controller. These are not stored in LightBurn. Rather they are read from the controller and saved to the controller when changed.

If these are not persisting there’s something going wrong. It could be that the Atomstack firmware doesn’t allow changes to be made but I have not heard that from others on this forum.

To confirm, when you make this change in Machine Settings, are you subsequently pushing the “Write” button? This should commit the change to memory.

This should not have any effect on the GRBL settings.

If you’re still having trouble try making this setting change from Console window.
Type this into the entry field:


I hit the “write” button, yes. I typed $32=1 from the console as you said, but after turning it off and on, the old settings appear again.

That seems like either a bug in their firmware or a missing feature. Or possibly a malfunctioning board.

I suggest you reach out to Atomstack to see if they’ll help you resolve this. It’s possible that a revised firmware could address this.

As a workaround, you can define Macros buttons in Console. You could put this change there so that you could initiate it quickly but honestly you shouldn’t be dealing with that.

Did a forum search and it seems that this behavior might be the norm for Atomstack.

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Thank you for your attention. The reason why I can’t solve the problems may be because I am a novice in these matters. How can the grbl controller be changed in another way?

I’m not following. This is apparently how Atomstack devices work. This is intentional.

There is some discussion about writing a non-Atomstack firmware onto the board as to work around this issue but that would be something you need to consider at your own risk.

By the way, from what I can tell, $32=1 is supposed to be default for your laser. I’m wondering if there’s something else wrong.

I suggest you flash to latest official firmware to see if it at least addresses that particular configuration.

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Instead of changing this stuff from the console with $31=1 type entries…

‘Edit → Machine Settings’ Lightburn will read your controller information.

Make the changes you need to make.

Write it back to the controller AND ‘save’ it to a file.

Next time, you can ‘load’ the file and ‘write’ it to the controller. A couple of clicks…

I have a number of configuration files for different things…

Good luck


Part of the reason I cannot recommend their machines. There are better out there at the same price or less.

Frankly, knowing this now, I would specifically avoid Atomstack for this reason. It’s absurd and user hostile.
The xTool D1 guys are going through this right now. Initially I thought this was just a bug that they somehow missed but I’m guessing now that it was intentional and misguided.

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I know this, but I have to do this every time I open a file, which is difficult.

Did you say there are better ones? Can you post the brand and model?

I also have the “annoy tools” brand. unfortunately it has the same problem. It’s not an atomstack specific issue.

I also have the “annoy tools” brand. unfortunately it has the same problem. It’s not an atomstack specific issue…

You should search around the forum and just compare performance and models. My input won’t help because the only Diode I have worked with is my AtomStack. I learned a lot from it, so it was good for that and that’s just about it.

In this forum you can find Ortur (which offers unofficial support in the forum), NEJE and others.

It really depends on your needs and budget etc. No one can help you there. I just slowed my machine down through the speed settings and whatever I can adjust in lightburn. I’ve seen the annoy tools brand out there, and they are all knock offs, they most likely all come from one or two places, rebrand and resell them, or just buy the parts from one or two places, always the cheapest and then brand them with buzz words and small features that aren’t a big help.

It’s done on purpose, most likely for “ease of use” branding so in case you screw up, it resets and there’s less of a chance of a customer service inquiry. At least that’s I am gathering from this forum and others. Also, the cost of the board is less by a few dollars so they make more or can undercut a competitor.

@corfulll I would just use it unless you can return it. If you can return it, I would. Make a spread sheet with the features you want, power, abilities like write to board etc and comb the forum and make an informed decision. Make sure you budget for things that will really help you and or can be optionally added through the company you bought it from or aftermarket like Etsy etc.

Make sure you can add air assist for that specific make and model, and figure out the cost/price, an enclosure if using indoors plus the fans, ducting and or even a exhaust fume extractor/filter system.

You have an unknown number of times you can do this before the board dies, so just try to work within it’s limits of you decide to keep it.

can you help please. under edit i dont see machine settings it not showing. i have seen it before tho

machine settings 1
machine settings 2

What’s the situation with this? Don’t understand the context.