Machine settings go blank ( connection lost)

I’m losing connection. Machine settings go blank.
Only after I try to run a job. Screen displays job outside the work area. Do you want to proceed.

Also I have not yet been able to run my first job at all. Thanks for any help.

If it make a connection and then lose it, you may have a problem with the USB cable.
When I had an identical problem, I replaced the USB cable with another with a ferrite core and I didn’t have this problem again.

This happens when engraving/cutting and the dimensions of the project “may” be outside the work area.
In laser window select “Absolute Coords”

Check in “Device Settings” that the “Working Size” is not smaller than the project dimensions.

OMG. THANK YOU. It was the cord. I really appreciate the advice I was very close the giving up.

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Thank you for the update.
Next time you know what you look for in the first place. But if are now using a ferrite core cable it shouldn’t happen again. :wink:

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