Machine settings wont change

I am having a strange issue where my machine setting change wont stick. I am trying to reduce my idle speed for rotary use. Its at 400mm/s, and I am trying to reduce it to 5mm/s. However, when I type in 5, click “write”, click “OK”, then go back to machine settings, it reverts to 400mm/s. Any ideas why it wont take the change?

Are you hitting enter or tab after typing ‘5’?

Technically you’re not supposed to need to do that, but on some older versions this was necessary, and I’ve seen it happen on Mac too.

Oz, If this setting continues to refuse to change, what might work to get it working properly? Should I reinstall lightburn?

Reinstalling rarely changes anything. Clicking away from the setting after you change it, and then clicking ‘Write’ might work. If it doesn’t, please let me know which setting you’re trying to change and I’ll have a look.

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