Machine stopped. Start job from certain line of code?

So my power cut out and i had to rehome and start my job again. Causing the laser to go parts already lasered.

Any way to start from roughly the last location?

Not directly, no.

You can select the parts that remain and use “Cut Selected Graphics” (under the Start button). This works well for vector cuts, but if you’re part way through an image engraving there’s no good way.

maybe a option to start off 50% into job or something like that? when the gcode is generated would be nice to choose where to start.

I’ve been thinking more lately about ways to do this. I’ve made a note in my bug & feature tracker to try something like this.

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pondering about the preview feature. Since it shows the order of cutting, could that be used to set the start from point?

That’s how I was thinking of implementing it. I’ll have to add a bunch of tracking information to the preview simulator to make this work, but it should be possible without slowing things down too much.