Machine went out of alignment during engraving

I was engraving a mirror and halfway through the design it stopped marking. After it was finished I notice the laser alignment is off now, but it wasn’t when I started the machine, what should I do?

What OS are you using, and how are you connected to the laser?

Show us what this means, exactly. Post images to show us what you are seeing, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

I am using lightburn to design my files. I have a c02 laser. I imput my designs from a flash drive, bcs my computer is in a different area. I wiped my mirrors down because I was engraving wood and wanted to make sure the residue was off the mirrors. After i cleaned them the alignment of my second mirror was off bcs the laser light on the 3rd mirror(closest to the laser ) was not centered and the laser was weak or nonexistent on the material i wanted to engrave. I adjusted the screws on the second mirror, did the pulse test and the laser showed a center.mark. I proceeded to engrave a circular design on a mirror and you can see (hopefully) that the laser stopped engraving as the circle is not complete. When I stopped the machine, the laser light was showing on the side of the third mirror, not on the center where it was when I started.

That suggest that something is loose, maybe a mirror mount, maybe a mirror or lens loose in it’sw holder. Light beams go where the mirrors send them. if you move one mirror, you need to check in all four corners and at the work surface before engraving again.

Thank you everyone, got it figured out! Appreciate all the comments and help

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