MacOS issues with Ruida

I have had a Ruida Red Black for some years now on XP. I upgraded to Lightburn in the very early stages and have been delighted with its growth and ease of creating files, BUT, my machine is also now crashing into the limits and doing things like randomly charging off to strange destinations and firing the laser when it is framing. Thinking it is a computer issue (MacBook Pro), I reverted to my old XP Windows and created a test file. It works perfectly, go back to the Mac and bang crash, both computers on a USB tests done minutes apart. I also get the message Machine Busy etc which has been reported by other Lightburn users.
This does not happen every time I cut but can’t rely on Lightburn to do the job.
By the way I have a second MacBook Pro and tried that, ok at first but went pear shaped after a while. I have read on a few groups that there are similar issues. Lightburn problem??

Nope - MacOS problem. The drivers that ship with MacOS interfere with the driver used by the chip in the Ruida to connect to USB. If you can use a network cable to connect instead, it bypasses the whole mess, or you can follow the procedure here to fix the conflict:

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