Macro button dosn't keep name


when I modify Macro1 by right clicking on it, I can give it a name and enter the code.
Once I leave it, the button shows the name and works as it should.

If I open LB next time, the name of the button is Macro1 angain, but the code still works. Once I press right button, It shows the name I used again, but only until I start LB again.

Is this a bug? Anyone else has this behaviour or do I need to save Mocro settings somewhere?


Are you using LightBurn in another language? This could be an issue with the translations, which I think is fixed for the next release, but I’ll verify.

Yes, I use mit in Germanien language.

Yes, that’ll be why. The macro labels were tagged for translation, so when you switch language, it re-applies the original names translated to the new language. I’ve fixed this for the next release.

Great, thanks.
So I will wait for the next update.

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