Macro Creation for mks-dlc32 v2.1

I was wanting to create a macro that will home the laser (limit switches) and then move to x350 y330. I am new to this and am not sure how to accomplish this, any help would be appreciated.

Try this:

G0 X350Y330

omg, that was so easy, I feel stupid for asking but I couldn’t find clear-cut examples of what codes I could use and what it does. Would you mind explaining those codes?

No worries.

$H - this is a GRBL command to home the laser.
G90 - This is gcode putting the machine into absolute coordinates mode (in contrast to relative coordinates)
G0 - This is gcode for rapid moves
X350Y330 - Reference for absolute coordinates of 350,330

Thank you for explaining that. I spent the last 2 hours trying to figure it out, again Thank You!

Man I messed up something. Whenever I press frame it outlines an area but no matter where I place… lets say a square the laser will not frame the new position. It also will not cut anywhere I place the square its always stays in the same spot (front left). Could you help or should I start a new topic?

Normally this would be a new topic but it may be a simple thing.

Make sure you’re using “Absolute Coords” as the Start From mode in Laser window.

That worked. I guess I have to re-read up on the differences.

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