Macro for Corel Draw 2019

I have Corel Draw 2019 and tried to follow the instructions provided by Lightburn to install their macro. But none of the menus that the pdf from LightBurn match up with the drop down menus in Corel Draw. does someone have an updated pdf that applies to corel draw 2019?

I didn’t have any issues with CorelDraw 2018, they couldn’t of changed it that much. I’d help out, but I have 2018 as stated.

I have the same issue, yes things are much different in 2019. I know where the macro manager is but can’t load the GMS file

Did some searching around and found this:

@jtheath, willing to walk us through your process? :slight_smile:

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would be nice if someone knew how to navigate through this.

Hello All,

If I recall correctly the biggest change is “Macros” become “Scripts” at the highest level in CD2019.

Step 1 - Easiest way to get to the Manager is Alt-Shift-F11 key combination which opens a Scripts docker.

From there I was able to follow the “Corel Draw export to LightBurn V3” instructions - right click GlobalMacros, select New Module and name it then right click on the new module and select edit. Now the macro editor opens as expected and you can do items 4 and 5.

Step 6 is different in that the selection is Tools->Options->Customization. In the Customization window select/click Commands in the left column and select Macros from the center column dropdown. Step 7 is the same.

Hope this helps, Joe

I sorted this out last night, Joe is pretty much correct. Here’s my steps with some pics

Copy ExportToLightBurn.gms from the LightBurn folder to you Corel install folder Draw->GMS

Verify the script shows up by selecting tools->scripts-> (the very bottom script selection)

If you see the Exporttolightburn macro folder, great, next step. If not, jump to bottom of this message.

Now select tools->options->customizations. Select commands on the left, macros in the pulldown. You should see Macros.lighburn. Select it, then choose the apperance tab. There you can select you icon which should be in your LightBurn install folder.

Now you can left click on Macros.lightburn and drag it to your tool bar if thats where you want it.

OK, so in the ExportToLightBurn.gma file is in the GMS director and you don’t see it in your scrips, make sure you have Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Tools for Applications installed. If you did this after loading CD2019, you will need to refresh the install by going to add/remove apps, find CD2019, select uninstall ( you wont uninstall ), the corel manager will come up with modify selected, hit next and continue through with the apps you want. Note, don’t deselect the apps you want to keep, if you deselect one, it will be removed. If you go to the macros section of the CD2019 manual, it will talk about this.


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Thanks for all the help! I was able to get it to work with these instructions.

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