Macro Switching from Laser to CNC?

Deep breath…
OK, When I first connected to my CNC after adding a J-Tech Photonics laser, I swear I had two buttons for switching from Laser to CNC and visa-versa. I have been working with the laser and testing. Now I want to use the CNC and after upgrading to the latest version of Lightburn I can’t find the buttons?

Do I need to recreate the Macros manually now?

I have tried several searches in the docs and can’t find information. I have a Shapeoko Pro XXL CNC.

Gcode is not my forte and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

You should have different types for your devices…

There is a device button and to the right is the device selection. I’d assume this is where you’d change it.


I appreciate the assist here but there are no macro buttons under the device selection.
Thanks anyway.

I am making the Macros manually with assistance from this forum.

Your device type should carry what information is needed with it for each machine…