Made a RD file to help set scanning offset

Made a RD file to help set scanning offset.
It is a file containing 20 squares that are engraved with a offset ranging from 0.05 to 1mm in 0.05 increments.

Just send this file to your Ruida controller and edit the speed you want and the power you need.

0/start position is set to be lower rigth corner.

The file is here:

Use at own risk…

How about the rld file? Or did you create it in something else?

Don’t have any project file, it is made with Lightburn. But it is “hacked” together using 20 seperate files.

Ah well, I use Corel and RDWorks. Still trying to talk myself into LightBurn. Getting there, but not quite. Does LightBurn export dxf?

LightBurn will export DXF, SVG, and AI.

Thanks Oz. I thought it did.

I’d love to see that in a dxf or svg file.

It wouldn’t be possible - you can’t save a DXF or SVG file with intervals attached, it would just be a bunch of squares. Time to download the trial and give it a go. :slight_smile:

You are ever the salesman Oz…

I need a little clarity on how to use this file. When I import the RD file and set it to fill, LightBurn has an issue because these are unconnected lines. How do I get LightBurn to run these as offset squares?

Hi! You are not supposed to import it to Lightburn. Copy the file directly to your ruida controller