Magic cut setting number

Just wanting to know if there is a magic setting to cut ornaments out of a 6mm piece of plywood.

Not really. Every machine, even from the same manufacturer is a little different. You just need to try different speeds and power levels to see what works best for your laser. BTW, Plywood is hard to cut as the glue between layers Does not always want to play nice with the laser. You are better off trying to find some solid wood.

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Is it better to use low speed and high power or the other waybaround?

In machining, there is always a magic number where speed/power do the best job with the least amount of energy.

Works great with most non-natural materials and with known number of teeth (cutting tool) and the material, which doesn’t vary…

With lasers, it’s the same game, however all the parts vary, such as the plywood, power of the machine, spot or beam size etc…

You will always have to ‘dial’ it in for your lasers… based on your machine.

Air assist make a major difference for cuts…