Magnetic breakaway head

After having to Recalibrate our Laser head everyday from it being bumped or wrecked, or it being out of production, I have put a magnetic breadaway on it.

The magnets are .375x.1875 N42
The balls are .1875 and its meant to give about .05 of adjustment on all three balls.

I have it up and running on one laser, and after knocking it off 20 or so times while testing, it makes me happy. Just snap back in place and everything is still lined up.

It shifted X about .300 so I had to mill some off the X axis zero return arm to get it back in range.

Just curious, what kind of environment are you working in that this kind of action occurs?
Interesting solution nevertheless.

We have multiple different parts to engrave. everything from .02 inch thick labels to fabricated boxes that will just fit under the head. Typically we can have parts .5 inch and 2 inches in at the same time. Sometimes people will queue some parts on the table and that becomes a problem.

Some crashes occur when missing Z zero either wrong height or forgetting it. some crashes occur when setting zero. Ie the head hits before the sensor on a seperate part of the fixture youre not looking at. Also our machine will crash on the left front of travel depending on where the Z sensor is.

We try to run parts all over the table to even out the wear and maximize production. WE went from a 2 nch FL to 3inch FL and now have more clearance, but now we have another 2 inch machine ruinning. and it only has about .650 of clearance between nozzle and table.

Thanks for the information. It’s nice to hear some of the real world problems with this just being a hobby and relatively new to it.

I especially appreciate the different lens selections you mentioned. I’m in that ball park now.

Take care :slight_smile:

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