Make design changes while cutting

Are there any repercussions to editing a Lightburn file while the job is running on the laser?

I run a C3D with Smoothie board. I do a number of jobs where they are the same stock, but with a different engraving on them. Can I have Lightburn start the job and then proceed to edit the file to get ready for the next job? Or do I need to wait until the job is over to avoid messing up the data being sent to the controller?

I currently wait until the job is done before moving on, but I’m looking for ways to streamline the process and maximize time.

Yes, you can go back to editing once you have sent the job and it is running on your laser. LightBurn streams the entire job to the controller when you send the job, so you are free to go back to editing the file to prep for the next job.

However with a K40 laser using C3D, lightburn has to stream a little at a time. It doesn’t send the file to the controller all at once. So does lightburn make an internal file that it streams to the controller and ignores whats on the screen, or is it looking at the current file and using that to create the streamed GCode on the fly?

When a job is sent to the laser, LightBurn generates the “baked gcode” job and hosts it in memory while streaming. Edits of the “next” job will not change the currently submitted file.

Gotcha. Thanks. I thought that was what it was doing, but couldn’t find the answer anywhere. My search-fu is weak.