Make more exotic plywood?

hey all, i was wondering was the best way to stain or dye a 3mm birch plywood, i try to stain my laser cuts with leather dye, and they look “odd” is a way to stain, dye, paint, etc, that make the plywood look a bit more exotic?

PD: this is a example picture, but is really close to how my plywood look after stain

depending on what you are making you can also order wood thins in exotic wood. I use these quite a bit instead of staining. However price is a bit higher and depends on the wood species.
Problem with engraving on 1/8" birch is if you cut through the vernier then you are trying to stain the core…ughh. Or are you talking about staining then engraving

Where are you sourcing your wood? I have not had a lot of luck with thin material. I guess I have not put much effort into it because I have not had much need.

[](Thin Stock Domestic Lumber | KenCraft CompanyKenCraft Company)
I have used these before. The guy I really used most went under during covid but basically similar stuff. Some exotic wood like Purpleheart can be tough to cut so I don’t use it…But Paduk and Bobinga are good red colored woods with Paduk being most orage red. I like Aspen as well as Beach…Alder is an obvious choice. You have to try them…just avoid purpleheart

where is a good place to order thin exotic wood, the pages that i found have a really limitated wood species available…

and about the wood, i still don`t pick a option, i am trying different things to see what work best for me, i am trying staining before and after engrave to see the different finish

that pages look really good bro, thanks! for venner i use this !