Make Multiple Layers Black?


I’m fairly new to the program. Is there any way I can make two separate layers black?

I feel like it would help a lot if my design process could be a little more WYSIWYG.

No. LightBurn is designed to be used in Wireframe mode, using the ‘Fill Rendering’ to spot check things. You can place shapes on any layer. The shape takes on the color of the layer only as a visual clue while designing. The color of the layer is not relevant as the laser does not output color. The settings for the layer are the important part, not the color assign in the visual representation. Having more than one layer represented with the exact same color would be confusing.

What are you wanting to do? Please explain, we might have some suggestions to help.

Right now I’m using Lightburn to create the designs, not just apply the cut settings, so it’d be helpful if I could see multiple layers in the same color as the output while I’m designing it.

Here’s an (unfinished) example of what I’m talking about:

You can see how on an element might seem a little more appealing in color, which would influence my design choices. To correct for this I would have to check preview after each change, which interrupts the flow a little.

Without the colors, you’d have no way of knowing what was on each of the layers. We could add an option to show the fills all as black, but no one has ever requested that before, and Alt+P (Preview) will do this very quickly as well.

I can make do with Alt+P, thanks!

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