Make the software home screen larger

How can I make the home screen software bigger?
I want to change it from 30 * 20 to 60 * 40
please guide me . Thankful

What do you mean by home screen?

The main checkerboard

Ah, you mean the work area. This is set based on the machine dimensions you configure in the device setup.

My device is 40 x 60 but the software dimensions are 30 x 20.
Can you change it?

Yes, edit your device profile in LightBurn.

gives me this message

You should select a Device in the dropdown. Do you have one already defined? If not, you should create a device.

Thankful. I do it. I hope the problem is solved.

LightBurn supports a growing list of laser equipment. This step tells LightBurn what you have. You must select an existing profile or create one to have LightBurn work correctly. Everything within LightBurn will be based upon the selected Device profile. This is why the software bugs you to set one up. :wink:

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