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Good day, I’ve been reading about this on the forum and don’t have an answer yet. Can I convert OS fonts to shx font so that it only burns one line? I need to burn ‘Brittany Signature’ font in one line instead of the double line, is this possible?
Appreciate any related feedback!

can you clarify better what is target you want to obtain? maybe with some images?

I do not want to burn double line, only one line.


Most fonts are not easily convertible.

I think what you want is what’s called a ‘single stroke’ font, being one pass.

If it’s someones signature some graphics programs supposedly have a way to give you the center of an object, like what you posted…

I’ve never used it …

If you find something, let us know…

Good luck


This is what @brinkcor is referring to with “SHX” fonts which are inherently single stroke.

And no, there’s no direct way to convert these.

If this is a one off design then the easiest approach may be to write the text with the TTF font, and then break it apart or otherwise use node editing to remove the portions of the design not wanted.

Alternatively, use Inkscape or other program with single line tracing to convert a bitmap version of the text into a single line vector.

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Thank you, this is probably what I will end up doing.

In Inkscape:

Bring in bitmap
from Path dropdown select Trace Bitmap
In the popup properties and underneath “Single Scan” tab, change the default of “Brightness Cutoff” to “Centerline Tracing (autotrace)” and select apply.
Move the bitmap to reveal the traced single line vector.
Save the vector as needed. May not get you exactly what you need but at least you can then manipulate the vector to your hearts content!

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Thank you everybody!

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