Make wedding invitation on paper

I have a printing company and print many invitations to baptisms and weddings etc. I want to be able to cut out beautiful patterns in the paper without getting burnt edges on light paper. My paper that I use is between 200-300gsm.

I would like to order a Sculpfun S9 or similar but am worried that it will not meet my needs?

Hope you someone can help me with a quick answer.

Well the sculpfun S9 head itself is great!! The whole machine and controller i can’t speak to.

Since the laser cuts by burning, I don’t think you can do what you want to do.

I have an old Epilogue Summit that I used on my daughter’s wedding invitations. They turned out great! I used Corel Graphics 12 on an old laptop with win2000 to get the driver to work. But the short of it is yes, and it works well. I found wedding invitation graphics that have a lace pattern. Be prepared to do some weeding on the card stock.

I believe that the CO2 lasers remove material much faster and more cleanly than a diode laser.

definitely faster no doubt but the new diode lasers with spot compression leave you with the cleanest cut i have ever seen. Though paper it will be like you cut it with a razor blade and no charring.

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