MakeABox is flipping out

Hey folks,

Just using MakeABox. However something odd has started to happen.

I originally made a box, modified it in Illu20 and lightburn now goes over every line twice. So then just tried making a completely vanilla box file and dumped the pdf into lightburn and its still doing the same thing. Its literally just started happening today. Any reason why LB wants to go over every line twice?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have the layer set to make more than one pass?

Well i must say, that did fix the issue and i never even knew that function existed :smiley:

Odd how it automatically switched itself on. Ive never touched it ever, does it have a hot key? Perhaps i bumped something by mistake?


If your mouse is hovered over a numeric entry box and you use the scroll wheel, that can do it.

Ah got you. I never play around with that option, so still quite unsure how it changed, as i mentioned i never even knew it existed. I dunno if its a bug or my lack of knowledge, but food for thought possibly.

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