Maker solution to mount camera to laser lid

This is not necessarily the prettiest way to mount a camera, but it may be the easiest way.

My plan was to 3-d print a mounting system but came up with a much easier way that ANYONE can do without any special equipment.

First off you will need to purchase a xacto knife with a plastic try bin inside the packaging. The trays inside measurements are approximately 55 mm long 11mm wide and 5 mm deep. Amazingly the camera chip board fits neatly inside this snap shut case…well almost. You will need to take that xacto knife and on the hinge side of the plastic try cut a small square notch of of the 5mm deep end so the plug of the camera can protrude outside of the tray. By doing so that allows the chip board to fit snugly into the try with no play. After that simply begin to close the lid on the tray and mark an x with a sharpie where the camera lens is. Open the tray lid and with your xacto cut an x in the plastic and then simply close the tray lid over the camera lens and presto you have a nearly dust proof enclosure for your camera electronics.

Then simply mount the magnetic socket ring from the phone holder on the plastic try and the ball magnet on the inside lid of the laser and by using the magnetic ball and socket you can adjust the angle of the camera without any trouble and the magnets are very strong so unless you just drop your laser lid it will hold that angle.

Here are amazon links to needed supplies: U should be able to get exacto items at any hobby shop.


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That’s a cool mounting system. A bit more protective than what I might have devised.

“Why did you buy a new car?”
“The ashtrays were full!”

Not quite as extreme, but you get the picture. Everyone can use another craft knife, right?

My camera showed on USPS as “out for delivery.” As I was reading this post, I saw on my security camera the postal delivery fellow drive to the box and leave. Great! My camera is here.

Nope, two adverts only. Check USPS Informed Delivery, and it shows “out for delivery.” Chase the USPS guy down and he says, “Oh, yeah, I remember now!” Absent minded today for some reason.

The photos don’t really show how tiny and fragile looking the camera is. I will be much more comfortable when I have it secured to the lid!

I have one of those Steelie things on my cell phone for the car … I think I paid like $25 for it. I never would have thought to use it as a camera mount. Whatever works!

I am going to do a combo, I made a cover for the camera from acrylic, I am going to use the Steelie ball to mount it and when it is set I am going to use some hot glue to lock it in place so it doesn’t move

It won’t move using the magnet!

Cigar tube. Worked way better than expected. And I am able to rotate as needed for larger bed area