Makerspace Licensing

Dear Lightburn,
the Makerspace of which I am a member (Sparkhaus - Newcastle, Australia) have an etl-E7050 with the Trocen AWC708C Lite controller.

I have installed the trial version on my home PC & let me compliment you on it’s usability. Great work guys.

We would like to purchase a DSP licence with 4 seats in support of members and the community workshops that we run.

The software will run on 3 x Mac’s & a PC.

I would be grateful if you will advise as to the most appropriate & cost effective way to achieve this.

All suggestions warmly welcomed.

Thanks in advance,


It sounds like you should e-mail

LightBurn offers a special Design-only licence for your Makerspace users if they are using a shared machine in the Makerspace. This allows your membership to do their design work at home and then engrave their design on the shared machine.

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