Making 2 squares than select other square and square moves indepently from each other. How do i move them as one? 1.4 version lm2

I cannot find how to connect 2 squares and make them move as one.

You should be able to select one, then hold the shift-key and select the next. You should now be able to drag or use the arrows to move these two shapes at the same time.

You can also select both and ‘Group’ these shapes together, allowing them to be one “connected” shape, if that is what you are after. :slight_smile:

About 30 mim after i posted i figured it out. Hit shift while selecting


The LightBurn documentation and videos are worth reviewing to best understand how things work. :slight_smile: Glad to hear you got this sorted.

Select both (or all) objects, and hit the little button with 3 people inside


That will make a group. To separate them out, click the button with the single person.

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