Making a tabbed box

making a tabbed box and tabs are loose. is it the kerf setting that you use to tighten it or something else?
thanks ron

Yes - If you adjust the kerf outward, it will move the laser out, away from the box itself, which makes the parts fit together tighter.

I recognize that this is not LB-specific… but with your interest in tabbed boxes, you might take a look at And amazing array of parametric box generators that will allow you to easily generate SVG files that you can import into LB. Of particular interest, each generator includes a “burn” (kerf) parameter that allows adjustment of the “tightness” of fit… and a “burn test” generator that allows you to determine the burn value best for your laser and machine. No affiliation… just a happy discovery! :smiley:


LightBurn will do that too, and without the weird little curls on every inner corner:

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