Making a vector image

I need to convert a file to a vector image. I had saved it previously and now trying to go back and save it as a RD to a flash drive. I thought I had to copy the image and then right click to get the trace option? However, I don’t see where to trace it? I have to have it completed ASAP so am now panicked lol.

The error message presented in the photo indicates that the file contains vector components, not bitmaps which have to be traced. By the same token, the Show me button will select those objects (possibly all of them) which are not closed.

Your file appears to be mostly segments that are not joined, preventing the fill function to work properly. With more than twenty-five hundred un-closed shapes, it’s a tough call to figure out the best method to resolve this. If you would consider to attach your lightburn file, more can be accomplished than simply guessing the best solution.

Ok, thanks. The problem is I haven’t touched the machine or software for 9 months lol. I engraved the same design once, but had the name misspelled. I still had the file saved on my computer, but trying to
Put it on my flash drive is the problem? It is the exact same file where I changed the last name so something with saving it is my trouble.

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