Making curved rectangles

Is there an easy way to curve a rectangle? The only way I found is to create a rectangle, convert it to a path and then add smooth nodes to the middle. I’m willing to bet there’s a more simple way to do this. The process I use is tedious and often in accurate.

Creating a curved rectangle.

No. Not really. There is no tool in LB today that can “warp” or modify a shape in this way. Your workaround is one of the ways to achieve this.

Not sure of your exact needs but you could potentially use primitives and boolean operations to get what you want.


Thank you. I like your suggestion better than my work around. A little quicker and better results

It also depends on what you want to end up with. Sections of two circles as the above, Could also be sections of a sine wave, depends on how you want it to look.

I’ll have to google information about sine wave to better understand your answer. Thanks for the assistance.

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