Making Inlay pockets?

I have a manufactures brass name plate that I wish to inlay into a piece of wood about 1 or 2 mm deep.
I need to cut a pocket for it.
It would be difficult to draw the outline.
Can the program or cut lines be made from a photograph.
I realize there will be the issue of getting the correct scale but can LightBurn software do this?

I think I have seen something like this using the lightburn camera add on.

I have done similar things to what you want in Autocad. Buy taking a photo as square to the object to be inlayed as possible then drawing around it in cad and scaling it to the size required. possibly could do the same in a photoshop or similar and save as SVG
You can then either scan/fill that area using the correct power/speed to go in the required depth or make a MDF cut out of the shape and use a router with a baring cutter to cut out the shape in the wood.

Hard to give really specific advice without knowing what the items look like but take a look at the Trace Image tool. This may be able to get you the outline that you need.

If the mfr has a pdf drawing, you can import that, separate the outline graphic (delete the rest of the text/graphics/etc), outsize is by about 1mm and use that for your pocket guide.

If you post the mfr & part number, one of us can do that for you.

I have inlayed all kinds of objects, but depending on depth …that is the tricky part. If I can get a PDF from the mfgr, that is then easy to scan with LightBurn. If not, I put the object in the scanner to get the outline, then feed that into LightBurn, and let it trace the result. I then use that to scan. I generally do NOT use any kerf, but I always try the scan on a scrap of the same wood, to get the depth right, and also, make sure the fit is correct. It is easier to do on my CNC, but I have done a lot of them like this process. My “worst case example” is a Venetian Mask that I inlayed into a pocket on one of my artistic boxes… that was fun, but the result was great.

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