Making long USB cables more reliable with ORTUR laser

I’ve been having trouble with the laser losing communication with the PC. I recently upgraded from ORTUR Laser Master PRO to Laser master PRO 2 and the problem got much worse. I can’t make it through a single job without the laser stopping. In my setup it will be difficult to move the laser or PC. I’ve tried several different high end USB cables. I am wondering if it’s possible to change the com port settings to make it more reliable? Not sure if anything will work so seeing if anyone else had input or experience getting longer run USB cables working with lightburn.

Connection reliability over USB isn’t specific to “working with LightBurn”. That’s important to clarify.

You may have much more input and suggestions beyond this forum doing some general searches on google on the topic of reliable USB extensions, active USB extenders, USB over Ethernet, etc.

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If I remember correctly USB has differentiated data paths that should make them good over longer distances. However the history and differences between what can be done and what has to be done has created issues. Here is the USB wiki that gives a good description of it’s history and how it works or doesn’t work depending on how you read it.

Most of the time, it isn’t USB itself, it’s how it was implemented by the specific device, via soft/hardware. The Ruida is a good example. :crying_cat_face:

You might have much better luck with the @Stroonzo suggestion of a Ethernet to USB connection to keep it as short as possible.

I remember back… about some grounding issue with one of these machines…?


Hello Ben,
I had the same problems with long USB-cables, in my case it was a camera.
I solved it with the use of a USB amplifier, link below.

You can also get them also as a complete cable in different lengths up to 20m.
Link as an example for a 10 meter.

Best Regards,
Henk Markies

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