Making PCB - getting "lines"

newbie here but I have been experimenting a while but I’m now a bit stuck and can’t find a solution

I am trying to do some PCB artwork but I am getting these lines, firmware is Marlin 1.1.9

During the burn i see this in console:

Starting stream
Layer C00
echo:Unknown command: “G21”
echo:Unknown command: “M8”
echo:Unknown command: “M9”
Stream completed in 28:43

startup config:

echo:Marlin 1.1.9
echo: Last Updated: 2018-08-01 | Author: (Bob Kuhn, Anet config)
echo:Compiled: Jun 30 2019
echo: Free Memory: 12372 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232
echo: G21 ; (mm)
echo: M149 C ; Units in Celsius
echo:Filament settings: Disabled
echo: M200 D1.75
echo: M200 D0
echo:Steps per unit:
echo: M92 X78.74 Y78.74 Z2560.00 E96.00
echo:Maximum feedrates (units/s):
echo: M203 X400.00 Y400.00 Z2.00 E45.00
echo:Maximum Acceleration (units/s2):
echo: M201 X1400 Y1400 Z50 E5000
echo:Acceleration (units/s2): P<print_accel> R<retract_accel> T<travel_accel>
echo: M204 P1400.00 R5000.00 T3000.00
echo:Advanced: Q<min_segment_time_us> S<min_feedrate> T<min_travel_feedrate> X<max_x_jerk> Y<max_y_jerk> Z<max_z_jerk> E<max_e_jerk>
echo: M205 Q20000 S0.00 T0.00 X13.00 Y13.00 Z0.30 E5.00
echo:Home offset:
echo: M206 X0.00 Y0.00 Z0.00
echo:Material heatup parameters:
echo: M145 S0 H190 B60 F0
echo: M145 S1 H240 B90 F0
echo:PID settings:
echo: M301 P21.00 I1.25 D86.00

I just googled the G21 error, and found this in a reprap forum:

Did you enable INCH_MODE_SUPPORT ?
As that needs to be enabled to use either G20 or G21

Otherwise the firmware presumes everything is in mm

yes indeed i saw this and i am not sure…i am working everything in mm AFAIK

So what that means is that you can ignore that particular error. The others refer to coolant which also probably doesn’t apply. So I think you’re fine.

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