Making shapes in Glavo gives me a lead in

Creating shapes it gives a lead in. Do not how to get rid of it!

Is this line visible in a test on a piece of material?

@Colin ,

I was playing around with this and figured out that if you switch to a Gantry profile, and set a lead in on a line layer, then switch over to a Galvo device profile, that lead in stays in the layer even though the Advanced features tab where the lead in is located is not accessible. If you switch back to a gantry device and remove the lead in, it removes it when you swap back to a galvo device profile. I haven’t tried running anything with the lead in there to see if it actually burns the lead in though. But, wanted to pass this info along.

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Yes. It is visible on testing. It is carried over from gantry settings. Figured it out

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Thanks @sutick and @SpotOnLaserworks - Will confirm on our end and log for fixing

Could you attach your .lbrn or .lbrn2 save file so we can inspect?

@SpotOnLaserworks @sutick Thank you for bringing this to our attention I have confirmed the bug through the steps provided by @sutick for both lead in and lead out and have found that it will engrave these leads on a galvo and displays the leads on the preview window. If the problem comes up again the solution is as follows
in the same Lightburn file, you are having the problem in

  1. switch to a DSP or Gcode device profile in the devices menu
  2. select the layer of the shape that has the lead in or out and open the cut settings editor
  3. go to the advanced tap
  4. turn off the toggles for add lead in or add lead out
  5. close the widow with the ok button at the bottom of the window
  6. Go back to the device menu and select your galvo
  7. verify in the preview window that the leads are gone

We’ve logged the bug internally and it will likely come out with the next release.