Making stickers with print and cut

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I normally design on Corel draw and export to dxf making geometric boards but I thought I’d give sticker’s a go. I have my designs on the computer that I’ve made. I’ve tried to firstly do the print and cut and my designs cut but not on the lines that are there.

The next attempt was to draw a box around the outside of my stickers, print off my pictures then I’ll do a scribe line on a scrap bit of wood and line up the picture to the lines on the wood and the picture. In doing this there’s a discrepancy in the size of the two boxes.

I’m a little lost whether lb is making my picture bigger or the printer isn’t scaling and making the picture smaller.

I have attached pictures so you know what I mean

Physically measure the size of the printed square and burned square. How does this correlate to the designed size within CorelDraw and LightBurn?

Also, note that you can account for scaling/size differences in Print and Cut by using the “Align to Targets (scaled)” rather than the unscaled variant.



The sizes are different for sure. You can tell by looking at them. I haven’t used the scale option only un scaled.

It’s only today I tried something different to see what the issue is maybe I’ll try the scaled next time.

Do you know if there’s a way to print what’s on screen as was hoping what I designed on an a4 sheet of paper would print out as the document on the printer so I can the use the print and cut?

My suggestion was more to narrow down at what point the size discrepancy was being introduced. Whether this be during the print process or during the burning process.

This supports the idea that one or more of the designs are scaled differently. One thing to look at is the DPI setting of the CorelDraw drawing. How are you transferring to LightBurn? If using SVG then check that the DPI setting in LightBurn Edit->Settings->File Settings->SVG matches the actual DPI.

First confirm whether the print or burn (or both) doesn’t match actual designed dimensions.

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I believe it’s the print out that’s has the size issue

When I transfer from Corel draw I’ll always save a cdr file so I can change things in the future. When I save my picture just for the outline I’ll save as a dxf in mm. with my old lasercut 5.3 software you had to save as autocad 2003 or something like that as lasercut didn’t like other versions. I’ll then import it into lightburn.

So been doing some testing today. If I print just a sheet of 20mm circles and measure them they print out at 20mm. I added two crosses to the sheet for print and cut which I sized at 20mm. These printed out at the right size but the picture on the sheet was incorrect.

The image/images are meant to be 76mm but coming up 2mm short. Definitely a drawing issue if the crosses on the same sheet are ok but can’t seem to find out why.

Any advice would be awesome

To make sure I understand what you’re saying… your design in CorelDraw when printed results in the circles being printed dimensionally accurate. However, the pictures in the same design are being printed 2mm too small. Please confirm.

If so please confirm the following:

  1. what type of graphic is the picture? Is this a raster bitmap or vector graphic?
  2. in which dimension is the picture short?
  3. when you transfer the design to LightBurn, do the dimensions of the picture match the reported dimensions in CorelDraw?

Sorry to step in.
If you define your printer with 0mm for margins do the same happens?

Hey there

Sorry for the long no reply. So basically i have my picture drawn in CD. Ill print out and the image is 2mm smaller. Strange thing is ill make a crosshair on the same bit of paper and the crosshair will be the correct size i have drawn. Im going to re draw the images to see if theres something i could have done wrong

Ive done margins and bleed edges

Interesting situation. It’s likely something in how CorelDraw is handling the rasterization process for print preparation or something similar. Perhaps doing so manually before printing could avoid the issue but I’m not familair enough with CorelDraw to say.

As a potential workaround, would you be able to add bleed space to the image if it will eventually get trimmed off during print and cut anyway? That way you wouldn’t rely on precise image size.

It must be something in the drawings I have done. I’ve done a new one tonight as a tester. Printed it out with all the registration marks on and it’s printed out the same as what it should have which is promising. I hope this does work as making stickers is something we’ve been wanting to do for ages.

Ill be testing it out on Saturday so I’ll let you know what the outcome is

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