Making Traffolyte Labels Question

So I’m pretty new to this software and watched a few videos.
I’m looking at making Traffolyte Labels for my work.
Question I have is, how do I set it to engrave the words but cut the label out all in one go.
Sorry if this is a super basic question and if there is a video I can be pointed to that would be great as well.

Create two separate cut layers, one for engraving the words and one for cutting the outline of the label.

Thanks for the reply I legit just figured that out moments before your msg haha.
My next question is, for the cut line that will cut out the label, can you set it so it doesn’t cut all the way ?
So for EG, if its just of a full cut I could pop the labels of the material.
Thanks again for your help!

I’m not following what you’re asking here. Can you describe exactly in what way the label would not be cut all the way? What would the cut need to look like?

I believe you may be after the ‘Tab/bridges’ feature, if so, this can be found in the Cut Settings Editor accessed by double clicking on a layer in the Cuts/Layers settings editor.

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