Mandala nine layer

A little mess up when glue all nine layer together.
Files from etsy.


Looks perfect to me. Do you have the etsy Link, I may try one.

There are another design here too.

Thanks, those are some really nice designs.

I think, design from A+ is better because it has side locker too.

How do you glue it together? With all those tiny parts, isn’t it a pain in the butt to spread the glue, and won’t it squeeze out, because that’s a problem I have when I do multi-layer stuff.

What is a side locker? Do you mean the enclosed frame?

Since it has an enclosed frame and specifies plywood, I was wondering if you could just let the layers of plywood “float” unglued within the frame. The only time I have made these I have just used thick cardstock. Wood warping due to expansion and contraction from changes in heat and humidity would be my worry. If you are going to glue, it seems like you would need to glue every bit of surface to prevent warping. Hopefully others who have actually made these out of wood will jump in and share their real-world experience.

Yes, sorry my English.

It’s not a tiny part, it’s layer and i don’t need to glue whole layer, just some area. Glue one layer with another one and wait for them to dry, add next layer.

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Ah, so it’s just me being OCD and wanting to apply glue to the entire surface…


Beautiful artwork it is. Want to learn this beautiful work.

Thank you very much. You can learn a lot from here.

I love these designs, personally have resisted cutting one due to the high amount of material needed. As for making a profit from one not sure I have a suitable customer base.