Manipulating Text

Hey guys, I am trying to bend or manipulate my text like the one in this Cub scout logo.

Unfortunately, this is not possible in LightBurn at the moment. But I think you can vote for this proposal which is under future wishes and improvements.

Does anyone know of a program that will? I also have CorelDraw and Gimp2

You can do it in CorelDraw using the Envelope tool:

OMG that is great. Thank you Sutick

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It’s interesting to note that the skew feature recently added to LB appears to be one step closer. I tried holding Control and Shift while using the skew, more or less expecting to be able to distort in the manner OP desired and was surprised it didn’t do anything.

That’s correct and I can well imagine that the last manipulation options for shapes will also come at some point.

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