Manual Tabs vs Remove Overlapping Lines


I am trying to cut a complex marquetry pattern out of veneer, and am using the ‘remove overlapping lines’ feature, which seems to work well. Kerf is not an issue in this instance.

However, I have noticed that when using manual tabs in conjunction with this, there is only a 50% chance the tab will appear - it seems that if the tab exists on the overlapping line that is removed, then it will not feature.

Therefore I am forced to do alot more processing - manually adding tabs to every side and shape in the jigsaw. Is there something I am missing which may help?



This could correlate to the overlapping line with the tab being removed. Do you by chance only have tabs defined on one of the two overlapping lines? What happens if you define tabs on both lines?

Hey, thanks for your response -

That is exactly what is happening. If I have tabs on both lines, indeed a tab shows in the preview.

However, putting tabs on both shapes in a jigsaw is really fiddly, especially given how selecting shapes can only be done by clicking an edge (there’s no way to select by clicking the body of a shape, is there?)

The other thing that makes it tricky is that if all the shapes are selected, it is impossible to tell which shape the tab is being applied to, without moving or hiding one of them.

This would be fine if it was a one off, but i am having to do quite alot of these.

Ideally, applying a tab to a line would also apply it to the other shape it is overlapping with.

Hope I am relaying my issue well enough


Are automatic tabs not an option? I suppose if you’re creating a jigsaw you may want to be very exacting about the placement…

This could be more straightforward if there were a way to pre-determine which side were to be removed but I’m not clear on that.

Perhaps a Feature Request would be in order.

Yep, less a jigsaw and more a complex marquetry piece. Want to be sparing and exact to reduce the amount of cuts I need to make to separate pieces, but enough so the piece doesn’t fall apart prematurely.

Sounds like a feature request is the way to go.


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