Manually setting the green box job origin

I remember doing this once and can’t remember how. I’m using an XTool to burn on stainless steel water bottles. I created a template in LB that has the bottle’s logo as a reference to place my images and text. I use “Start From: Current Position” and want to place the laser at a point on the logo as a reference. Then I want to set the Job Origin (Green box) manually on the software so that my images are relative to that logo.

Here is an image of the template and where I’d like to set the Job Origin so that it matches up to where I have the laser physically placed to start.

I’ve read quite a few posts on setting the origin and starting position, but none seem to be relevant to what I’m trying to do. Am I thinking about this wrong?

Read this doc
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I appreciate the attempt to help but either I haven’t explained the problem clearly enough, or I’m missing something in the documentation. I’ve read that document which was posted as a response to similar questions that I’m asking but it doesn’t address the issue I’m posing.

I have it set to “Current Position” and put my laser on the object at the tip of the logo that I have as a reference in the software. If you notice in my screenshot, the tip of the logo is not on any of the 9 points that are available for “Job Origin”. It’s somewhere inside the image. I want to move the green dot to that arbitrary point inside my image so that LB knows where everything else is relative to it.

The document linked above, as far as I can tell, doesn’t explain how to do that.

Thank you.

It’s not possible to arbitrarily set the origin point the way you’re asking.

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