Maple Box with Inlay

Small box, inlay and all finger joints done within Lightburn. Walnut and
Birdseye Maple. Inlay pocket engraved and inlay cut with a .07 difference using the offset function.


What a beautiful piece of art! I love the inlay. Where did you purchase your inlay burl it’s gorgeous.



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That’s very nice!

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A friend gave me the Birdseye Maple, it was a piece 12”x6”x1” and I was planning to turn some pens with it but too nice for that. This piece has more figure than any I’ve seen before. I re-sawed and planed the piece so I had two 3/8” thick pieces to make the long sides of the box, then re-sawed the small pieces that were left to about 1/8” thick to do the inlay. I have two 4”x4”x1/8” pieces left.

There are a couple of us here in my area (West Virginia) who have small sawmills so people call us if they have walnut, cherry, maple, or something else we might use and we try to share with each other. Lots of great wood but not often with as much figure as this has. I’m hoping to get another piece of the maple! If you have a use or idea, PM and address and will send you one of them. Thanks for the nice words!

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Great job, that looks really nice.

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