Maple Bread Boards

(Jared Hooper) #1

Just finished 50 of these. The maple boards for the job were supplied by a friend. Each board was a slightly different shape so lining the logo up on each one without a jig was an interesting challenge. I think a camera would have helped with that. I’ll be looking into adding one.

(David Fenton) #2

Nice!! I would like to know what font that is and what your laser settings were??

Have you painted the text in or is that straight off the burn?



(Jared Hooper) #3

Thanks. The logo was supplied to me by the association and the fonts had been converted to outlines but the Forest Landowners is Goudy Old Style and the Private Association is Arial Black. I have an Emblaser 2.8 watt diode laser (bumped to 3 watts with the dip switches). I ran it at 55 mm/sec with 95% power and line interval at .050 mm. The sun behind the mountains(trees?) was the same speed but 50%power to make it lighter. No paint, that’s just the burn. They took 18 minutes each.

(David Fenton) #4

Thanks Jared, they certainly look nice and clean. The benefit of diode over CO2! it’s difficult to get the CO2 down that low, and I struggle at the moment to get axis speeds above 130, but I’m working on it!