Maps on lightburn


first i have to say sorry for my bad english.

I have a little issue with programming the laser for doing maps like in my attatchment.
The problem is that my laser can’t cut the fine streets. Only the big streets are good.
So I have to make the streets bigger and the “houses” smaller
Is there an option(i tried with minus kurf; but won’t work) to make this possible?
Or is the only possibility to fix this problem with grafic programm like Illustrator?

I found out if the kurf is too high(minus kurf) nothing happens.
Is there a possibility that the minus kurf only makes a hole or a line instad of square?
I hope you can understand, what i mean.

kind regards

Ah, i cant upload files :frowning:
I uploaded the file here:

Maybe you can try again in your native language, we can do the translation on our end. I do not see what you are describing. Include a picture of what you want and what you are getting.

In the ‘Preview’ window, this is what I see. Looks like the file is all vectors and set to cut as ‘Line’.

I do see that you have some objects that overlap others, but I do not see any other issues of concern.

Hi Rick,

thanks for the fast answer!!


I hope this picture shows the problem.

I wanted to do an inner kerf offset, but that doesnt work correctly.

First picture:

When you say “but that doesn’t work correctly” can you elaborate on how? Is it not making any difference? I think if the kerf produces ‘islands’ it can cause problems because the code is expecting each input shape to produce only one output shape, though I’ll have to check because I might have fixed that.

I ungrouped the map, then selected a random set of objects, then selected the ‘Offset’ tool and applied an inside offset to those objects. Is this what you are wanting to do?


Great!! Thats exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks a lot. I didn’t know that you are able to delete the old path with that tool!

I was expecting it would do this, but it doesnt. It stay like the first drawing. in that sitution kerf only works from -0,9999 till +endless.

Kerf is an amount of offset. If you have a 2mm wide shape, and offset inward by 1mm on each side, you’ll be left with nothing at all.

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