Markcfg7.cor Error on CommarkerB4 install

Newby , have followed steps for install and this appears
Have the cor file on provided usb and still get this error , help please

Unable to locate specified COR file: F:\jczEZCAD for ComMarker B4\200mm\jcz20.cor
You will have to manually load your COR file in Device Settings.

EZCad Config Summary:

Click Next if settings are correct.
Otherwise import another config or cancel.

  • Laser Type: Fiber
  • Fiber Source Type: IPG_YLP
  • Field Size: 230 mm
  • Field Angle: 0 °
  • Enable PWM: Yes
  • Min Freq: 20 kHz
  • Max Freq: 200 kHz
  • Enable Q-Pulse Width: No
  • Open MO Delay: 8000 ms
  • Correction File: Invalid COR file: F:\jczEZCAD for ComMarker B4\200mm\jcz20.cor
  • Galvo 1 is X: No

Just click on ‘Next’ to finish setting up the majority of the settings.

Then in Device Settings (Edit > Device Settings), click on ‘Load COR file’ which will prompt you to browse and locate your lens correction file which should be somewhere on your USB drive from ComMarker…probably found at “E:\jczEZCAD for ComMarker B4\200mm\jcz20.cor” not F:\ hence the error.

Thankyou , will do